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About Mark Bell Presents

Mark Bell Presents, a division of Mark Bell Entertainment, Inc., is a live entertainment company that specializing in producing touring road shows, special events, trade shows and video productions. With over 80 years combined experience in live entertainment from concerts, festivals, trade shows and theater we have an extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry. Our productions and services have been seen around the world.

Over the years we have assembled a team comprised of awarding winning companies and professionals each specializing in their own area of expertise. By bringing together the most creative talents in the business our clients end up with a finished production that far exceeds their expectations.

Mark Bell
Producer & Vice President

This year Mark Bell celebrated his thirty-seventh year in the entertainment business, his first 11 years in the music and concert end of the industry and his last 26 years in the theatrical side of the business. All 37 years in the business involved booking, artist management, promoting and producing theatrical touring shows and concerts for the audience and the camera.

Mark has a knack for taking an artist record or book, live or animated video and adapting it for a touring stage production, not only for the children's market, but also for teens and adults as well. He has produced well over 3,500 shows worldwide from midsize venues to pro-sports arenas and stadiums. Most often his favorite size venues are the 2,000 seats theaters and performing arts centers. He especially likes producing shows in the old restored vaudeville theaters which he finds unique, rich in character and sometimes even a challenge with their limited stages.

Mark's travels have taken him to 5 continents where he has worked on and produced numerous shows and tours internationally as well as throughout North America, including four Canadian Providences, one territory and shows in the USA in all but one state, Rhode Island. Mark has also produced many shorter version productions for state fairs, festivals, theme parks, sporting events, corporate events, trade shows, schools, universities and large churches.

His largest touring production to date, played large theaters, had a cast and crew of 28, traveled in two semi-trucks, and two entertainment sleeper coaches. In comparison, his smallest tour traveled 4 actors and crew in a van which carried their sound system, sets and costumes. They performed 104 shows and made 20 additional meet & greet appearances at book stores over the course of a ten week tour.

As a producer, Mark has a vast experience and knowledge on bringing an intellectual property or concept to life on stage by assembling a team of some of the best director's, choreographers, script writers, song writers, storyboard artist, set designers, costume designers, voice talents, recording engineers for music and underscoring, lighting designers, sound designers and special effect designers that the budget will allow. On a number of tours his company has even been known to secure the sponsorship or put together the capital investment plan to fund the production, tour and promotion.

Marks latest achievements have been in the area of video production for live events. He has traveled with many of the acts he produces to locations around the globe to produce their performances on video. Some for the purpose of Home Video to sell, some for promotional purposes, some for simply archival, and numerous for current television shows. The latest projects he is producing are a couple of television series centered around entertainment. One series involving trade shows which is already in production and the other series which revolves around global live events. The later series is scheduled to begin production first quarter of 2014. The show will air on two different cable networks of which announcements will be made soon.

Mark grew up in the East Texas town of Center where he graduated from high school. He attended colleges in the Texas cities of Tyler, Marshall and San Antonio before moving to Mobile, Alabama where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Mobile. His career in the entertainment business has moved his family to Mobile, Nashville, Seattle and Dallas Fort Worth. He and his wife, Brenda have been married for 35 years and have three grown married children.

David Masterson
Director of Media

David has over 28 years of professional experience in multiple production roles including director, producer, DP, cameraman, gaffer, editor, writer and on-camera talent. He is comfortable and knows both sides of the camera extremely well.

Locally in Louisiana and Texas, David has also been a TV sports reporter for the various affiliates of CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX. He also has been the special segment reporter for the nightly news broadcast for KTBS, the ABC affiliate in Shreveport, Louisiana as well as a reporter on Hometown Outdoors - for NBC in Beaumont, Texas.

David was the producer of Outdoors Chronicles, a TV series which aired nationally on the Outdoor Channel, as well as numerous local affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and regional networks from South Texas to East Texas and SW Louisiana. He also was the producer of Force on Force, a TV series which aired nationally on The Sportsman Channel.

He has shot many broadcast-grade commercials, infomercials, documentaries, national television projects, filmed adventures, promotional videos, and shorts. He has been nominated and awarded several times at various film festivals.

David is a Global Shooter as he has filmed in exotic locations throughout the Amazonian basin for the last 10 years, logging 137 days filming in the Amazon alone, not mentioning other locations throughout, Panama, Costa Rica, Yucatan, and old Mexico extensively.

David is a fan of high action shooting as his experience behind a camera include open-door choppers, gliders, hot air balloons, planes, motorcycles, powerboats, on and underwater.

Brenda Bell

Brenda Bell is a veteran of the travel and entertainment industry with over 37 years’ experience under her belt. In her early years in the profession she worked for the world's largest airline as the Administrative Assistant to an Airport General Manager.

Later transitioning to the corporate sales office where she served as a Marketing Sales Representative troubleshooting large travel agencies and key corporate accounts. Through the years she has held the position as a Passenger Service Representative at three major airports. Towards the end of her career she transitioned to also working for the Training Department as a Mentor, training Passenger Service Representatives in the area of ticketing operations.

For a six year period before starting a family she also aided her husband with the promotion and logistics of the concert business. Then twenty one years ago Brenda left the travel industry full time to work for the theatrical touring shows produced by her husband's production company. Her tenure in the business includes stage management, marketing and promotions, costuming on several tours and finally booking agent where she flourished and became the Scheduling Director for the company in 2003. She now heads up the WOW ATTRACTIONS booking agency division of Mark Bell Entertainment, Inc. where she oversees the scheduling of numerous national and international touring shows, concerts and performing artist.

Over the years she has been featured in TV commercials and training videos for the major airline she worked for so at the urging of her husband she is now set to co-host two television series being produced by Mark Bell Presents.

Brenda grew up in the north Texas town of Whitewright where she graduated High School. She continued her education at Tyler Junior College where she graduated with an Associate of Arts degree. Brenda has been married for over 37 years and has three grown children.

Fred Baye
Director of Public Affairs

For over 4 decades Fred Baye has been involved in event planning, concert promotion, corporate branding, professional management, political campaigns, media relations and public affairs.

Working strategically, nationally and internationally, with high profile entertainers, speakers, authors, athletes, political leaders and corporate clients has brought about the expertise and professional perspective that has helped to elevate the careers and effectiveness of many clients over the years.

Fred Baye learned the ABC’s of concert promotion beginning in the mid 1960’s promoting events from A-Z with groups like the Animals, B.B. King, Beach Boys, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Canned Heat, Chicago, Dave Clark Five, and with others like Janis Joplin, Joan Jett, Jethro Tull, Rod Stewart, Led Zeppelin, Santana, Steppenwolf, Velvet Underground, Wilson Pickett, Yardbirds, Frank Zappa and numerous others. Pioneering in this work in the early years of Rock & Roll also helped to escalate many of the careers of many artists through mass exposure and other promotional activities and media events.

In the mid 80’s there was a shift in the focus to include faith based work with Billy Graham and other high profile speakers, authors and athletes. Fred helped spearhead the idea and guide the “youth night” emphasis of many large scale events and festivals with others like Josh McDowell, Luis Palau, Billy Graham and Pope John Paul.

The 90’s found Fred also helping play an important part in the careers of many Christian artists like Susan Ashton, Audio Adrenaline, Bob Carlisle, Steven Curtis Chapman, Dakoda Motor Company, Charlie Daniels, dc Talk, John Elefante, Toby Mac, Newsboys, Out of Eden, David Pack, Phillips Craig & Dean, Petra, Point of Grace, Michael W. Smith, Rebecca St. James, Randy Travis, Jeni Varnadeau, Jaci Velasquez and many others.

In 2001, Fred was hired by Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Association as the Director of the Billy Graham Prayer Center, helping to train thousands who came to New York City after 9/11. One year later he helped plan the internationally televised one year anniversary of 9/11 at Madison Square Garden which included many famous athletes, musical guests and leaders in the greater NYC area.

In the aftermath of 9/11 with a focus toward disaster preparedness and response, the BGEA developed the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team and Fred took part conducting Grief and Crisis Training Seminars in New York, as well as in the aftermath of Hurricanes in Louisiana and Mississippi, destructive fires in California and the deadly Station Night Club fire in West Warwick, Rhode Island.

Fred has also served numerous political figures in various capacities including Field Campaign Aide to U.S. Senator Jacob Javits, Field Communication Aide to New York Governor Mario Cuomo, and Liaise with Rudy Giuliani’s administration post 9/11. Over the years Fred has also held the title of President of the IRRA, Industrial Relations Research Association, and Cornell University Labor Studies Alumni Association. His formal education was at Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations where he received a Certificate in Labor Studies.

Fred and his wife Patti live in upstate New York near Albany. They have two grown children, former world class pro snowboarder Jeremy Baye and a daughter, Chelsea who is married to former Petra guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist Kevin Brandow.


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